Text: Texts should be at least 3.2mm from all edges.
Colors/Images: All colors/images should “bleed” out at least 1.5mm beyond the edge.


Graphic Applications Supported:

Adobe Illustrator <<< AI
Adobe Photoshop <<< Photoshop template.psd
EPS <<< EPS template.eps
CorelDRAW <<< CorelDraw template.cdr

Digital Media Supported:

  • You may send your CDR by mail/courier or zip your files and send it to

Color Management:

  • If the card is a reprint, please provide us with a sample card.
  • If a specific color is required, do ensure that you choose it from a PANTONE swatch book and let us know the PANTONE code.
  • Colors displayed on a computer monitor or printed from a printer can be significantly different from colors of the final printed cards.

*Note: Do let us know if color is of a big concern to you. If so, we can develop an artwork proof on paper for you to confirm with. This will ensure the colors of the final printed cards comply with your expectations.
Image Files:

  • Should scanned images and photos be used, it should be set at at least 300dpi and saved in the CMYK mode. Also remember to link all graphics that are to be placed in Freehand or Illustrator.
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